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EduYou – The future of education and career planning!

One of the biggest challenges for workers in a rapidly changing market is finding a new job that allows them to grow and earn a higher income.

That’s where we come in with EduYou – our app is the first personalised, one-stop solution that guides workers towards their next career step.

What does EduYou do?

EduYou combines individual career counselling, further training, and the application process into one platform, making it a one-stop solution for all employees who want to take the next step. AI technology is utilised to support users on an individual, personalised basis and to identify the most suitable career steps.

The platform offers job suggestions that match their profile and gives specific, tailored advice on how to achieve these goals. The AI technology considers the wishes and preferences of the user, giving them a unique and personalised experience.

Our customers come to us with the desire to find new, better paid employment.

With EduYou’s personalised support, a concrete career plan can be developed to help our customers find their way to their new dream job, easily and effectively.

EduYou – A platform that maps all aspects of career development in one place and supports users individually with the help of AI technologies.

Through intensive direct acquisition, several course providers have already been secured, who would like to offer their courses on the app. The development is currently focussing on expanding the basic functions, with the soft launch of the app being planned for April 2024.

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